Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Mayan spiritual philosophy: a positive way of living

The ancient Mayas had a very different concept of time that the one we know today. For them, time was non-linear and repetitive due to the cyclical nature of the earth. There was no yesterday, today and tomorrow, or past, present and future. Instead, they all were conflated together in a nonstop cyclic motion, which was life itself.

Don´t time your life. Just live it!
Mayan culture did not believe in death or the end. Life came from birth; rebirth came from death; and the next cycle of life began. The Mayas did not live in peace with Nature, they were Nature. Interacting harmoniously with their habitat and Cosmos, they were a part of the Universal flow. There was nothing senseless in Nature. Everything was part of a whole. There were no mistakes in the flow of Nature, as there were no mistakes in them as humans. Every day was a step of the natural cyclical path of growth.

The mystical beach of the Riviera Maya
Mayans believed in regeneration. Every inhalation was a little rebirth, as well as every exhalation was a little death. They led the past behind to take a fresh new breath of life...every night they came to rest, so they could restart their lives the next morning. They gave up mental control of their breath and led the body do its work, recharging cells with renewed energy.

Bringing infinite Mayan wisdom to our modern life, they came to realize that every morning was a new beginning, a right moment for a change of habits, way of thinking, and way of living.

The infinity of the Caribbean Sea
Sitting on the warm white sand, letting the ocean breeze caress their skin, the Mayas suddenly found their mind chatter shut down, resting. Then there existed nothing that could muffle the sound of their inner voice. So they merged with it. 

Like ocean waves come and go, crashing the shore with clear blue waters, they believed they always had a chance to reinvent themselves, recharge their batteries and face a new day with clear positive thoughts and attitude towards life. Life was a beautiful gift!