Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bacalar is a magical town in the Costa Maya

Bacalar is one of the best places to organize your vacations in Mexico. It is right on the Lagoon of the Seven Colors and is the perfect place for holidays that will last in your memory forever. Located 25 miles north of Chetumal, Bacalar Magical Village (Bacalar Pueblo Magico) was named like this in 2006 due to its unique cultural an natural value. Bacalar has many incredible small boutique and ecological hotels and most of them offer amazing views of the Lagoon.

The Seven Color Lagoon
Bacalar Lagoon is a hidden jewel that is still not well-known by international tourism. Its breathtaking scenery makes it a world class freshwater lake with a colorful Mexican community for those who love Mayan history and cultural heritage. This area is becoming one of the most important destinations for the tourism of adventure in a historical and cultural scenario along Costa Maya.

Top 3 Activities in Bacalar during your holidays:

- Visit the lagoon of the Seven Colors/Lagoon of Bacalar. This is the second largest Mexican natural freshwater lake. Its pristine crystal clear tropical fresh water ranges in colors from various shades of green, to intense turquoise, and various hues of blue. From the air, Balacar Lagoon looks like a beautiful turquoise ribbon in the middle of the jungle.

Bacalar Lagoon View
View of the lagoon from one of our hotels
Visit The fort of San Felipe Balacar. This fort is over 270 years old and provides visitors a rich view into the history of Bacalar. This beautiful stone Fort is surrounded by a deep “moat“ and includes not only canons, but a wonderful museum with historic artifacts murals depicting Bacalar’s history and the Mayan culture. The fort is open every day (except on Monday) from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Admission is $60 Mexican pesos for foreigners (around 4.50usd) and $25 Mexican pesos for Mexicans.

The Fort of San Felipe
Explore the Cenote Azul. This cenote is located 30 kilometers northeast of Chetumal and is connected to the Lagoon of Bacalar. It is 90 meters deep and received this name because of its beautiful blue color. A perfect spot for those who would like to practice diving in a cenote in Bacalar, since it is one of the deepest open cenotes in the area. We recommend you go with an expert since there are many caverns and it is easy to get lost. Here you will find typical restaurants where you can taste some great Mayan dishes. 

Bacalar LakeAkalki BacalarAkalki Hotel Yoga

Hotels in Bacalar

If you are planning your vacations in Bacalar, there exist some small hotels in where you will feel the peace and tranquility of this magical lagoon. Be amazed by its beauty, with its seven colors, take a holistic massage, eat in a Yucatecan Mexican restaurant, but the most important thing...FEEL THE NATURE AND RELAX.

One of our favorite hotels is Akalki Bacalar an holistic and ecological center in Quintana Roo that offers luxurious boutique style cabañas built over the lagoon. There are some cheaper hotels in Bacalar too, such as Hotel America Bacalar, Hotelito El Paraiso Bacalar, Hotel Bacalar Magico and Hotel Los Aluxes Bacalar. You can have a look at fares on our website.

Bacalar Lake Hotels
Restaurants in Bacalar

In Bacalar you will find many different types of restaurants that you will really make you enjoy your vacations in Mexico. There’s a great influence of the Yucatan cuisine and the cuisine of Belize. From the latter place, we recommend you the famous Mayan plate made of rice and beans cooked with coconut oil as well as the tamales of xpelón (a kind of bean) and the famous tamales of chaya.

How to get to Bacalar

There exist three ways to get there.
  1. From Playa del Carmen: take a bus from the ADO bus station to Bacalar. It will take you around 5 hours. From Cancun: take a bus from the ADO bus station to Bacalar and it will take you around 6 hours. Roundtrip costs $42usd.
  2. Travel to Chetumal and then take a taxi to Bacalar (30 minutes away).
  3. Rent a car and drive from Cancun to Bacalar (around 4.5 hours) or drive from Playa del Carmen to Bacalar ( around 3.5 hours). Just get on the 307 Hwy and hit south!
Relax around the Lagoon.