Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mexico is Chichén Itzá and something else: Dzibanché

When you are vacationing near Chetumal, being Bacalar or Xcalak or any other gem in the southern part of the State of Quintana Roo, there exist a lot of culture to be explored. While Chetumal may not be the most glamorous city in Mexico, it surely features some amazing archaeological sites nearby. The pyramids of Dzibanché are one of them and today we would like to tell you a little bit about them, to help you plan some incredible holidays in Mexico.

The glorious Dzibanche

Dzibanché was one of the first metropolises of the area, as it is formed by various Mayan cities. It started off as an agricultural village around 200 BC, becoming a significant urban center approximately four or five centuries later and experiencing its peak during the Classical period. Alas, during the XI century Dzibanché was abandoned. But, what makes a visit to this spectacular Mayan city worthwhile during you vacations in Mexico? The answer is clear: its admirable buildings and pyramids.

The amazing tropical forest around Dzibanche
What we can see today is mainly the principal residential and ceremonial structures, which were built on a gentle and small hill. Among the most important buildings, you will find Temple I that is a large edifice with round corners, which will remind you of certain pyramids in Belize and Guatemala. Almost next to it, you will see the impressive Temple II that contains a few burial chambers where archaeologists found an important character of the late Classical period. Due to lack of information and details, he has been named the “King of Dzibanché.” In the same square as Temple II, you will find many other stunning buildings and you should carefully admire Edifice XIII, which features amazing historical images of the glorious Mayan history. Finally, we recommend you head towards Temple VI, due to its resemblance to Teotihuacan pyramids near Mexico City.

Temple II and its burial chambers
MayanExplore truly recommends you visit this fascinating city, which accurately represents the magnificence of the Mayas and their power back in the days. It is definitely worth a visit if you are on vacation in the area, being Bacalar, Xcalak or any other place on the southern Mexican Caribbean coast.  

How to get there

From Chetumal, you need to get on Hwy 186 and follow the sign for Morocoy. Once you get there, continue for two kilometers and turn right. After five kilometers you will have arrived at Dzibanché.