Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mexico is Cancun and something else: Soliman Bay

Today I would like to talk to you about a place near Tulum that you should visit while on vacation in the Riviera Maya: Soliman Bay. If you are looking for a secluded beach destination, romantic getaway or simply disconnect from the rest of the world, this is the place for you. Soliman Bay counts just one amazing boutique hotel (Jashita Hotel) and a few vacation rental possibilities, making it a truly quiet place to spend your vacations near Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Aerial view of Soliman Bay
Soliman Bays is a brief 15 minute drive north of Tulum, where you will find turquoise shallow and warm water, perfect for a family vacation in the Riviera Maya. The bay is walkable for its entire length, which makes it a very romantic spot both at sunrise and sunset. The coral reef is literally meters away from the shore, making snorkeling a must while visiting this incredible secluded place in the Riviera Maya. You will be able to see amazing marine nature in a pretty privileged environment. If you have dogs that like the beach, you can even take advantage of the dog friendly restaurant at the end of Soliman Bay, where you will be able to eat great fish and seafood in large portions and enjoy a swim with your pet. Just clean after your furry friends, because they try hard to keep the beach as clean as possible (which we really like about it). 

The beach around Soliman Bay
I would also recommend you try the restaurant at Jashita Hotel (right at the entrance of Soliman Bay)  that features a great chef and desserts to die for. Just sit on their amazing terrace with a sea view, relax, taste great food and enjoy your vacations in the Riviera Maya. I personally like to go there to read a book and enjoy an incredible Sunday outside my house in Playa del Carmen (yes, I am this lucky J). There are no stores in Soliman Bay, therefore remember to buy anything you may need before arriving there.

The view from Jashita Hotel terrace
How to get there:

From Playa del Carmen: get on Hwy 307 towards Tulum. Drive for approximately 30 minutes and look out for the sign to “Oscar and Lalo Restaurant”. When you do, take the first return (retorno), in order to be able to enter the bay, since it will be on the other side of Hwy 307 from where you are driving.

From Tulum: get on Hwy 307 and drive north towards Playa del Carmen and after 5 miles you will see the entrance to the bay on your right. Keep going on the dirt road for 5 minutes and you will have arrived.